case studies

Retail Delivery Optimization with JOpt.SDK

Spain - Our partner Idom Consulting has used JOpt.SDK to develop an optimization solution for a large retailer in Spain, with more than 400 shops. Daily replenishment is done from a central warehouse, with tight delivery windows and vehicle type restrictions by destination. JOpt was integrated with GIS tools to provide a quick and efficient consulting project tool, which allowed the client to reduce more than 10% transport costs.

Project Attributes

  • Vehicle Scheduling Software
  • Availability/Working hours
  • Delivery windows and Visitation Frequencies
  • Preferred Resources for dedicated Stops

Field Service Software Automation with JOpt.NET

North America - Our partner Mobile Computing Corporation included JOpt into their Routing and Scheduling Optimizer - RSO. MCC's RSO takes the guesswork out of routing and scheduling. Dispatchers’ decisions are now supported by JOpt.NET which maps out the best routes –accounting for travel time, workload, SLAs, priority level, customer preference, technician skill set and many other important business and environmental factors. The Routing and Scheduling Optimization (RSO) system enables dispatchers to plan, coordinate and dispatch service orders more effectively than ever before.

Project Attributes

  • Field Service Scheduling Software
  • Resource allocation according to business parameters
  • Requisite Skill requirement to perform work
  • Google map-based dispatch with street-level routing capability

Field Service Scheduling Software with JOpt.SDK

Canada - This project has been conducted with our partner Kinetix Wireless Inc.. The overall goal was the reduction of total travel time for a mobile field workforce, where each mobile crew is tasked with visiting many customer locations per day. The Kinetix MBLink application combines 1000 to 2000 customer locations with approximately 50 – 80 service crews on a daily basis. With JOpt.SDK work is assigned to the most appropriate crew, and in the most efficient ordering to minimize driving time.

Project Attributes

  • Workforce Scheduling Software
  • Availability / Working Hours
  • Requisite Skill requirement to perform work
  • Priorities (hospitals, government buildings, large customers)

Field Service Fleet Optimization with JOpt.SDK

The Netherlands - TriOpSys has developed iMOS®, an automated system for optimising field services of service-, maintenance- and security companies, amongst others. With integrating JOpt.SDK iMOS® is now capable of automating the planning of the maintenance orders for almost 300 field service engineers. Both maintenance orders and field engineers have competence levels, qualified as "basic", "advanced" or "expert". A maintenance order can have information about a preferred time of execution, by means of a weeknumber, specified date or even a specified date/time.

Project Attributes

  • Automated Planning Software for Field Services
  • Requisite Skill requirement to perform work
  • Different Availabilities of Technicians

Salesforce Automation and Scheduling Software with JOpt.NET

Italy - This project has been conducted with our partner Selda Informatica. The overall goal was the optimization of a salesforce with around 50 salesmen. Each sales rep had to visit his retail stores on a weekly or bi weekly basis with respect to prescribed visiting times (e.g. visit is allowed Mondays or Wednesdays from 10:00 to 12:15 only). With JOpt.NET we managed to match all the objectives while reducing the working times and route distances required. Thanks to this for the end customer it has been possible to extend his business and aquire new customers with the same number of sales reps.

Project Attributes

  • Salesforce Scheduling Software
  • Multiple Week Planning
  • Different Visitation Frequencies
  • Preferred Resources for dedicated Stops

Mobile workforce planning with JOpt.J2EE

New York - Since early summer of 2009 we are proud to welcome the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as a new customer of DNA Evolutions. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has integrated JOpt.J2EE into ther internet based workforce planning application. With JOpt the mobile health inspectors of NYHD now obtain their routes optimized by the powerful JOpt backend.

Project Attributes

  • Integration into a Web Based Application
  • Optimal and Balanced Schedules
  • Route Optimization for Shortest Paths

Distribution Logistics Software with JOpt.J2EE

Czech Republic - This project has been conducted with our partner NAVISYS s.r.o. who integrated JOpt.J2EE with BIZ4Logistics. NAVISYS BIZ4Logistics is a compact transport management system designed for logistic companies and is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics® NAV. JOpt.J2EE provided all the essential functions required for the fluent operation of the optimization. Received orders are handled by the dispatcher using the advanced optimizing methods for the best route for the vehicles considering availablilty and capacity.

Project Attributes

  • Maximum Route Times
  • Load and Capacity Constraints
  • Vehicle Fix and Running Cost

Further References

During the last years we at DNA Evolutions have performed lots of projects with different objectives and problem scopes. Since JOpt is a very flexible SDK with a modular software architecture we have managed to add lots of domain specific features as well as specialized construction algorithms around the optimization core enabling us to address a broad variety of different optimization problems.

Currently the scope reaches from simple single depot route optimization tasks to multi depot planning tasks for multiple days with multi dimensional load, type and time window constraints. Ever since each project specific enhancement has been included in the official release trunk which made JOpt a more and more powerful tool over the last years.
Please contact us with your specific needs and we will be pleased to share our expierience with you.