Frequently Asked Questions

JOpt.SDK and JOpt.NET

GOThe free evaluation copy is limited to 12 resources and nodes. Is there an unlimited evaluation copy that is not restricted to any number of stops and resources ?

GODo I require JOpt.Transportation or JOpt.FieldService addons in order to plan my transportation or field service forces ?

GOWhen having plenty of resources, why do some resources remain unused in the resulting schedule ?

GOIt appears that some resources serve many stops while others are having only a few stops. How can I achieve more balanced routes ?

GOCan JOpt use real distance and driving times from an underlying GIS database ?

GOHow long does it take to compute a problem with 400 nodes and 30 resources?

GOI am planning my mobile field service forces using JOpt. How can I set different skills for each technician ?

GOCan JOpt.NET be used in combination with PowerBuilder 11 ™?

GOWhere do I get support ?

GOHow does the licensing work and where to find pricing information ?

GOHow can I purchase a license ?