DNA's products - intelligent dispatching components

DNA Evolutions develops and sells flexible .NET and Java components for various optimization tasks for transportation planning and mobile workforce scheduling.

Worldwide DNA partners rely on DNA's scheduling and rapid decisioning technology - JOpt - to bring their customers outstanding solutions for strategic and operational taskforce planning within one single piece of software. Software vendors or IT service providers use DNA's software modules to complement and enhance their products or projects with innovative and special expertise features such as automatic resource planning and tour optimization. You will find the JOpt modules in products for branches like

  • transportation and logistics tour optimization
  • mobile service & workforce dispatching
  • sales representatives planning
  • waste management optimization
  • handicapped transportation scheduling

JOpt - the optimization and scheduling machine for your dispatching software

JOpt is a product-line to perform automatic resources planning and tour optimization tasks. Based upon a combination of classic construction and memetic algorithms the JOpt products are tailored to meet the requirements of various optimization problems for different industries. Our products JOpt.ASP, JOpt.SDK, JOpt.NET and JOpt.J2EE cover the full range from cost effective desktop solutions up to professional modules for modern enterprise service architectures. The JOpt product library is easily integerated into your product and can be customized by yourself to meet your special requirements or to adapt for the specific needs of the industries in which your software products are used. JOpt will be the component of your choice if you are looking for:

  • a .NET/ASP or Java/J2EE compliant resource & vehicle routing software component with a standard .NET, SOAP or API interface
  • an adaptable component to solve VRP, CVRP and VRPTW class problems
  • an optimization component or application with different constraints such as time windows, capacity, skills or others

JOpt - this component solves your optimization job

Many different optimization goals can be achieved using the different modes JOpt offers. You can adjust JOpt to

  • plan a set of trucks operated from a single depot or from several depots
  • use all available resources or just the necessary number of resources to fulfil a given set of tasks
  • detect difficult jobs and exclude them in order to avoid tour distortions
  • allocate the jobs to the resources so that some tasks are only done by special resources
  • assure that important jobs are done in a preferred way

These are just few examples of many different adjustments you can pass to JOpt so that you get the tour optimization results you need. Follow the tutorial and test the free version available at the download section to see the possibilies of JOpt.

  • optimization as a service
  • robust and industry proved algorithms
  • flexible Vehicle Route Planning (VRP) features
  • a standard HTTP/SOAP interface
  • a free evaluation account

JOpt enables fleet operators to save fuel and reduce emissions

JOpt comes with an emission calculation and optimization scheme that allows fleet operators to optimize their overall carbon dioxide emission. JOpt determines an optimum energy efficiency schedule in terms of truck payload to empty ratio and as overall road mileage. Hence vehicles can automatically be dispatched in a way that leads to minimum fuel consumptions and emissions while keeping all other planning objectives.